Frizzenti | frizzenti cocktails on tap
Frizzenti have introduced cocktails on tap. Aperol Spritz, Espresso Martini and Mojito on tap
cocktails on tap by Frizzenti launching Aperol Spritz, Mojito and Espresso Martini


(tapped for maximum pleasure)

Thought making cocktails was difficult and slow? Think again. Frizzenti now offer a great quality range of cocktails on tap. Incredible speed. Incredible taste.

Come and taste our gold standard cocktail range, formulated by world-class mixologists. You won’t beleive your taste buds.

Speed + Quality = Unbelievability

Want to book a tasting? Come to our tap room in London or we’ll come to you with our Tap-Mobile.

Aperol Spritz (8.2%)

Aperol, Frizzenti and soda water.  Order online here

Espresso Martini (12.5%)

Vodka, cold brew coffee, sugar and coffee liqueur. Order online here

Mojito (9.5%)

Ron Montero Plata Rum, fresh lime juice, sugar and soda water. Order online here

Pornstar Martini (9.5%)

Vanilla Vodka, Passion Fruit Purée, lime juice, sugar and Frizzenti

Negroni Sbagliato (11%)

Contratto Sweet Vermouth, Contratto Bitter, Frizzenti

Suitable for high volume outlets, our system offers you and your customers:-

  • Speed. 5 second pour + build with ice and garnish. Better for you and better for your customers.
  • Quality. Top quality ingredients sourced from around the world, and recipes formulated by the best mixologists.
  • Easy Installation. Our kegs attach to any standard draft dispense system and have been designed for maximum flexibility.
  • Range. 5 of the most relevant cocktails produced to date, with more to follow.
  • Consistency. Your customers will receive the same great quality cocktail every time.
  • Wastage. No over-pouring ensures your product costs are kept under control.
  • Boost Profits. Higher productivity, reduced labour and lower wastage and at least 75% GP!

Our products come with 12 months shelf life (unopened) and 4-6 weeks once opened and contain no additives, colouring or flavourings. They are exactly the same as if made at the bar. If you have a particular cocktail you would like us to create for you please contact us

Frizzenti Cocktails On Tap launched at Pub 18!