Frizzenti | frizzenti cocktails on tap
Frizzenti have introduced cocktails on tap, the first being an Aperol Spritz on tap. Available in 10L pre-mix
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Following on from the enormous success of our still and sparkling wines on tap, we have launched cocktails on tap!

Our pre-mix cocktails are produced in 10L bag in box and pass through a unique carbonation device to ensure they are sparkling as they pour from the tap.

Our first on tap cocktail is an Aperol Spritz, and we will be introducing a wider range of pre-mix cocktails over the next 12 months.

Our products come with 12 months shelf life (unopened) and 6 weeks once opened and contain no additives, colouring or flavourings. They are exactly the same as if made at the bar. If you have a particular cocktail you would like us to create for you please contact us

Suitable for high volume outlets, our system offers you and your customers

• Consistency of serve
• Great quality
• No over pouring / wastage
• Speed