Frizzenti | Winter Spritz

Winter Spritz


An Italian winter blend of brandy, pressed blood-orange and lime juice, sweetened with winter-spiced syrup, served over ice, charged with Frizzenti

25ml brandy,
35ml fresh blood-orange juice,
15 fresh lime juice,
15ml vanilla infused syrup,
top with 50ml Frizzenti

Garnish: Slice of blood-orange, fresh mint sprig

Method: Add ingredients (except Frizzenti) in to a cocktail shaker, shake with ice and strain in to a glass filled with cubed ice, top with Frizzenti, stir and serve

Glass:  High Ball

Tip: You can replace the brandy with rum, and to make vanilla syrup, simply put a vanilla bean in to a 70cl or litre bottle of sugar syrup and leave for a couple of days to infuse.