Frizzenti | Frizzenti Prosecco and sparking wine on tap
Frizzenti are the UK leaders in supplying Prosecco and sparkling wine on tap to bars in the UK
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Frizzenti sparkling on-tap comes in 3 varieties, Frizzenti Vino Frizzante, Vino Rosato and Lambrusco

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Prosecco is a classic in its home country Italy, not just as an aperitif, but also to accompany a meal. Easy to drink with a light sparkle, its popularity has spread steadily, enjoying explosive growth all over Europe.

Frizzenti Italian sparkling wines are available in both 75cl bottle format (Frizzenti Prosecco DOP) and on-tap (Vino Frizzante). Poured direct from the keg Frizzenti Vino Frizzante is fresh, fast and fizzy. To enjoy pure, or as a cocktail.

Frizzenti Prosecco is the light sparkling wine produced in Italy’s Veneto region. It is made from the Glera (Prosecco) grape. Vinification takes place in special stainless steel vats using the Charmat method, which preserves the fruit and freshness of the wine. It is recognisable by its light straw colour and delicate fruity aroma and flavour.


Frizzenti Vino Frizzante (11%)

Made from Glera grapes. A young and light sparkling wine, making it an ideal drink for any occasion. Unlike Champagne, with its complex secondary aromas, Frizzenti  has intense primary aromas which taste fresh, light and comparatively simple.

Frizzenti can be served pure, but also makes an excellent base for a range of cocktails. Prosecco was the original main ingredient in the Bellini cocktail and Spritz, and is a key ingredient in a wide range of premium cocktails.

Unlike Champagne and Spumante Prosecco, Frizzenti is a Vino Frizzante, or “lightly sparkling wine” in Italian. Smaller bubbles means a smoother drink which can be enjoyed as an aperitif and with meals alike. Frizzenti  makes an excellent choice for all occasions and locations, including cocktail bars and restaurants.



Frizzenti Rosato (11%)

A sparkling pink variety,  Frizzenti Rosato is made from a blend of Pinot Nero and Raboso grapes, Like Frizzenti  it is light in alcohol, 11%, making it easy to drink. Frizzenti Rosato has a fruity bouquet with a distinctive raspberry note. Tangy on the palate, beautifully smooth with a good fruit acid.

Frizzenti Rosato makes a great welcome drink for a special occasion. Ideal for weddings and corporate events.



Frizzenti Prosecco D.O.P (11%)

Available in 75cl bottle.


Note: In 2009 the name of the Prosecco grape was changed to Glera. “Prosecco” is now a protected designation of origin and can only refer to wines produced in that region. For more information about Prosecco, click hereDownload PDF for information on the 2009 Directives.