Frizzenti | Frizzenti launches Still Wines, on tap!

Frizzenti launches Still Wines, on tap!

Frizzenti launches Still Wines, on tap!

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Frizzenti introduces Still Wines on Tap! Available in 20L kegs, just like our Sparkling Wines.

Available in the following varietals (more coming soon):

• White: Pinot Grigio IGP (12%)
An intense and subtle wine, with fruity and floral notes and characteristic secondary notes
similar to crusty bread. It is delicate, fresh, tasty, harmonious and pure with a good aromatic persistence. Delicious with fish and seafood.

• Red: Cabernet Merlot (13%)
Deep ruby coloured. The persistent and typical bouquet is similar to that of wood, fruits and pleasant spice scents. The aroma is charming and soft, but at the same time full and complex. A perfect pairing with grilled meats, soups and seasonal cheeses.


1. Better quality: When you open a bottle, you are oxidising the wine and altering its flavour from how the winery originally intended it to taste. Wine on tap is dispensed using inert gas ensuring the wine remains fresh from the first to the last glass. A better glass of wine for the customer and better margins for you.

2. Right temperature: Have you ever ordered a glass of house white wine in a busy bar and it was warm? House wines by nature are the highest turnover wines and during busy periods outlets are not able to chill the wines quickly enough. Our kegged wines pass through special equipment ensuring a perfect temperature serve every time.

3. Environmentally sound: Think of all the resources that go into producing a bottle of wine. It’s not just the bottle itself (which often ends up in landfill), but the corks, foils, labels and boxes, and the weight of all those bottles being transported from the winery to the end customer. Our kegs are re-usable thus better for the environment.

4. Efficiency & savings: Pouring from a tap is much quicker and easier than from a bottle. Labour savings will be realised from the time taken to receive and store the bottles, stock the bar, retrieve and open, carry out inventories and dispose of empty bottles. A quick pour every time, with savings up to 25% when compared to serving from bottles.

There’s a better way to enjoy wine by the glass. Check out this video, or contact us on 020 3286 2692 for more info, pricing and installation.

06 Nov 2014